About us

Iotopus consists out of three guys with a love for sensors and measuring.

iotopus was founded in 2021 as the founders of daughter company Brewbrain found themselfs taking more and more IOT projects.  Read more about us below.

Bart van der Meer
Bart van der Meer

Bart has a degree in Applied Physics is a precision mechanic and glassblower. With more than 15 years of experience in developing sensors, he's the most experienced member of the team. In his spare time he also runs and co-owns brewery Uzzewuzze, performs as a DJ when there is no pandemic and grows his own peppers and hops in a greenhouse.

Thijs Nijveldt

Mechatronics engineer with a passion for programming. Speaks only SQL. Thijs works on Web development, firmware programming and scripting. Has extensive experience in calibration and validation of sensors.

Loves doing sports, next to doing other sports. When he's not doing sports, he goes ice climbing.

Eric Stricker

Eric is an integrated product design engineer with more than a decade experience in developing high end sensors. Next to engineering, Eric overseas finances, support calls and is responsible for all of the electronics design and most of the part sourcing.

In his spare time loves to cook, make stuff, music and looks for new hobbies all the time. He is also the treasurer at his theatre club, where he loves to act.